's professionals and consultants bring a broad range of skills to the company, thanks to their long experience in the industrial branch of Animation. consultancy services are based on the analysis of artistic and literary subjects and aim at the planning of commercial and marketing strategies. offers its assistance to turn the artistic subject into a trans-media project.
To this aim we offer:

Production Consultancy staff supports authors and companies for the analysis and the finalization of a project and its bible, and are at disposal for testing it on the international markets.

Legal Consultancy The management of an animated work from a legal point of view is, in general, delicate and complex. In fact, legislation on copyright and related rights in this field regulate the life of a work – be it a TV series, short film or feature film – from the moment that it is conceived, through to the production phase, until its commercialisation. It is essential, therefore, a substantial knowledge of the laws and regulation applicable to the animation sector.

JobAnimation offers to its registered users an information and legal consultancy service specialised in the animation sector, which includes the following areas:
  • The origin of a sinopsis and the relative copyright;
  • The assignment of copyright;
  • The legal relationship with the Producer or with more co-producers;
  • The production, the broadcast and the relationship with the broadcaster;
  • Management of the rights in an animated audiovisual work: e.g. copyright, television rights and related rights;
  • The contracts relative to the production, co-production, distribution and comercialisation of the work;
  • Employment contracts subject to Enpals;
  • The relationship with collecting societies.

The activation of a European network of professionals specialised in the laws of the animation sector is in course, which will be capable of providing advice also in relation to transnational and multi-jurisdictional relationships.
It is possibile to request a first personalised legal opinion to orientate oneself and/or to evaluate the opportunity to request a more in depth legal opinion. This service allows you to have a response to basic questions and queries, in Italian or English, in a short period of time, at an reasonable anticipated cost.

Requests of a maximum of 1.500 characters, can be sent to:

In Italy, legal advice will be provided by Ughi e Nunziante Studio Legale, a well known benchmark firm for those operating in the animation.
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