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August 2010 Mome. Stop Motion Animation Workshop
If you would like to learn how to merge the traditional hand-made puppet animation and the digital technique, and you are interested in puppet fabrication, special effects, and digital postproduction, you are invited to be a part of the Eastern Europe heritage, by practising and improving your stop motion animation skills.
Momeline organizes the Stop Motion Animation Workshop, an opportunity for the participants to learn from the best animators, in order to reach a higher level in stop motion animating.
The workshop is meant for professionals, young workers, former students and recent graduates. The ideal participant is a dedicated filmmaker who made his/her first animation before, and would like to develop his/her animation skills.
Among the themes of the workshop: how can we improve the animation technology by merging traditional animation technique with new digital technology? How can you improve your skills in making different kinds of movements in animation? Why is it useful to be able to make movements both in real and in virtual 3D space?
In order to answer those questions, the professionals can send their application form and resume to szandra@momeline.hu, by 31st of July.

The following themes will be covered during the lectures:
Lecturers will keep their presentations based on their home country technicality on stop motion animation. Q&A session will follow each lecture.
  • Hungarian puppet animation history with a comparison of the neighbouring countries. The Hungarian technique will be emphasized by demonstrating illustrations and examples from the Hungarian animation film history
  • Slovakian, Czech and Polish animation history and country specific techniques, with examples and illustrations from the national film history.
Lecturers will come from the following partner institutes:
  • The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan
  • Film School Zl'n
  • Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava
The following themes will be covered during the workshops:
  • Basic puppet techniques
  • Basic animation movements
  • Advanced animation movements (jump, flying, lip sync, face gestures etc.)
  • effect animation (rain, smoke, fog, liquids, fire, sparkling, etc.)
  • Lighting
  • Sound editing
  • Timing for animation
  • CGI postproduction
  • Production and postproduction studio visit in Budapest
Basic information about the workshop
Date of the workshop: August 23-29, 2010
Location of the workshop: Budapest
Number of participants: 15
Please note that the workshop will be held in English.
For further information please contact Szandra Deutsch at szandra@momeline.hu or at the following phone number: +36 30 20 577 60 61.
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