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17th May 2020 Cartoon Italia web event
Italian animation before and after COVID-19 lockdown

The daily life of Italian animation professionals at the time of COVID-19 is told by #cartoonespresso, the live web event created by Cartoon Italia association, entertaining users in a friendly way twice a week, at coffee time, on Facebook.
Since last 16th of April, every Tuesday and Thursday at 3 pm, the world of animation meets on Facebook, with the lightness typical of cartoons.

The live videos usually last 10 to 20 minutes and include real chats between two or more speakers, among producers and professionals of the animation branch, but also interviews with broadcasters and authoritative people.

#Cartoonespresso looks into the daily life of professionals with more or less formal, whimsical, cheeky or funny questions. How do life and job styles change in a moment like the current one? Can studios produce in smart working? What is in the pot of the hidden studios? What does a professional learn staying at home?

Special guest of the launching episode it was President of Cartoon Italia Anne-Sophie Vanhollebeke, who described the passage of Italian animation studios to the smart working mode to journalist Roberto Davide Papini.
For producers of animation it has not been simple to carry on their productions during the lockdown; nonetheless they did it with the optimism and the spirit of collaboration which are typical of them.

All professionals are now facing the new phase of reopening, as tricky as the previous one. Some of the studios have already opened, some others are still exploiting the possibilities of smart working. But each of them has to face new social rules.
#Cartoonespresso still keeps on witnessing the professionals’ feelings, difficulties, new projects making and production goals.

A crucial week is at the start for #Cartoonespresso, which is going to host TV executive directors, presidents of relevant public associations, international producers. The live streaming will focus on public TV, cinema, digital platforms.

Thousands of viewers are currently following the web event. Its success let us think there could be a future for #Cartoonespresso beyond COVID-19, as a time for dialogue and discussion not only for animation producers but also for other professionals and association of audiovisual branch.
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