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3rd March 2011 Save MEDIA Programme
I heard about the worrying news that the MEDIA program may be absorbed into other more extensive European programs or even suppressed.
I find it impossible to believe that the very facilities that actually work are put into discussion. Over the last 20 years the initiatives of the MEDIA Program have greatly contributed to the development of European audiovisual production; they have favoured the creation of new works and profitable international co-productions; they have allowed the circulation and distribution of works in Europe and throughout the world. That is how quality and innovation is supported.
The industry and the Italian animation cinema market have been able to draw great benefit from the MEDIA Programfor the development and production of the best works. Now we wish to be able to continue to rely upon such important support of which our industry has great need.

Agostino Clemente
President of Cartoon Italia, the association of Italian animation producers.
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